About Cassie Quick, LCSW

Have you lost your Sparkle? You are a person committed to making everyone and everything in your life “just right”, dedicated to other people, through your career or family it never seems to be enough, and you continually feel exhausted, dis-satisfied and increasingly uninspired. Even when things do “go great” and you receive positive feedback you don’t trust it, it doesn’t last and you end up right back where you were …the negative stuff is easier to believe.

Not fitting the traditional mold, you used to enjoy being different, but now you just feel lost, lonely and dissatisfied. Sometimes you think the worry is normal, but recently it’s gotten worse, you feel paralyzed by the anxiety and find yourself waiting for everyone to just go to bed, so you can polish off a bottle of wine or binge on Netflix…you know something has to change.

For, nonjudgmental, unconventional therapy. I can help you!

My name is Cassie and I truly believe that the most important relationship we ever have is the one we have with ourselves. If this speaks to you and you are looking for nonjudgmental, unconventional therapy. I can help you! I help people who are exhausted and burnt-out from “trying” and “trying” with little or no satisfaction or peace. I help clients, let their guards down, cultivate the same compassion for themselves as they give others, and start enjoying themselves and their lives. I provide skills to reduce the anxiety that has taken control of your every thought and action, and instead replace it with compassion, self-acceptance and authenticity, to create long lasting peace and resiliency.

Expect to make a change mixed with humor, sarcasm and good vibrations

My clients experience change over their time in therapy, not just in their anxiety but in their relationships, their career, and most importantly, the relationship with themselves. There won’t be worksheets or homework but there will be humor and sarcasm, and positive vibrations in the midst of working through the dark stuff.

Let’s help you get connected to your truest self.

My clients typically come to see me weekly so they have consistent support and can move out of feeling like they are in crisis. I will often integrate body movement, artistic expression, and meditation so you have tools to help you find calm in your day-to-day. Therapy doesn’t have to feel scary or hard. It can feel like a relief, a breath of fresh air after you’ve been drowning for a long time. If you are ready to start feeling free, owning your power and standing in your own unique light send me an email and let’s get you scheduled!