About Shelley Sims, AMFT

Hey there, I’m Shelley Sims, AMFT, and my passion lies in helping individuals and couples navigate their unique paths to healing. From anxiety and depression to life transitions and inner child work, my practice covers a broad spectrum of needs. I believe in a client-centered approach, tailoring modalities to suit you and your family’s specific journey.

In our time together, I aim to create a safe and consistent space for healing. Therapy, for me, is about letting go of struggles and stepping into a life that brings peace. I approach it as a partnership, working collaboratively to provide an individualized and supportive experience. I’m particularly dedicated to enriching marriages, understanding the pivotal role they play in overall well-being.

My expertise spans trauma, anxiety, depression, and various interpersonal challenges. Therapy is a no-judgment zone, where we build a therapeutic relationship and develop a personalized treatment plan. Through an eclectic mix of modalities like Experiential Therapy and EFT, I equip clients with tools to manage challenges and make meaningful progress. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together, fostering growth, resilience, and a renewed sense of self.