About Chaya Anderson, CHMC

You are worried about your teen.

You have watched your child’s confident, responsible, happy nature turn into a withdrawn overburdened teenager. Your teen is a really good kid but is taking on all the burdens of life including their friends and family problems as their responsibility. You finally talked to them and they asked you to find her a therapist. It breaks your heart that they are struggling so much. You can see they need help to release them from their limited beliefs. They need help to set boundaries and maybe find a new perspective but if you talk to them they just shut down. They feel guilt and shame for not being enough.

The more you try to help your teen, the more they push you away, rebuking your efforts and getting angry. Often leaving you confused and hurt by their behavior. As you watch your teens’ grades slip, making hard life choices, and struggling to navigate their world you are at a loss at how to help them without destroying the relationship.

I can help your teen with depression and anxiety find better coping skills and build their belief in themselves

I’m Chaya and I love working with teenagers just like yours. I’m experienced working with teens and their parents with the challenging issues they are facing in today’s world. I help teens learn to appropriately express emotions, set boundaries, find a new way of thinking that empowers them and can increase self esteem.

I use a variety of tools including CBT and Mindfulness. We use these interventions to work through past issues, develop coping strategies, and establish appropriate boundaries. It’s important that we meet weekly to make lasting change. We will help your teen connect with their world and renew your relationship with each other. You are both ready for change, Let’s work together & find your amazing teen again